About us

Arya Transfo Group consists of two companies, Arya Transfo Shargh and Arya Transfo Ghodrat and is located in the Shahmirzad industrial zone, 30 Km north of Semnan city Iran. Arya Transfo is a privately owned company primarily engaged in the manufacture of electrical power transformers, and also distribution transformers and compact substations.
Applications for the transformers include electrical power plants, electrical distribution network, industrial plant, and with shunt reactors.
The Arya Transfo Group employs the latest Western European technologies and know-how, in design, manufacturing and high voltage test laboratories.  Arya Transfo manufactures products with high quality and efficiency based on the requirements of both the Iranian domestic and international markets.
Arya Transfo production is based on the best machinery and tooling from Western Europe and employs highly skilled engineers from Iran and internationally.
The two Arya Transfo companies operate independently from one another as separate entities.
The production capacity in both power and distribution in phase 1 is up to 550 MVA, 420 kV and in phase 2 will be extend up to 1000 MVA, 800 kV.
Electrical power transformer technology is progressing rapidly throughout the industry, Arya Transfo continues to invest in these new and visionary technologies and know-how, quickly adopting those that bring benefits for product design and development, manufacturing, training, and testing, with additional software and technical support from well-known international suppliers.  
To provide additional international technical support the Arya Transfo Group has signed a license contract with Royal SMIT in the Netherlands, a member of the SGB-SMIT Group which has more than 100 years of experience in the manufacture and delivering of power transformers, into European and American markets.
This long-term license contract includes the transfer of technology, skills, knowledge and know-how in the design and manufacturing of power transformers and also the provision of specialised software, training, supervision in manufacturing and HV testing, plus support for the procurement of raw materials and co-manufacturing.

Our Products:
Arya Transfo Shargh products include
•    Transformers with conservator and corrugated walls, up to 36kV and 10-4,000 kVA
•    Hermetically sealed transformers with corrugated walls/Gas cushion, up to 36 kV and 10-4,000 kVA
•    Transformers with conservator and cooling radiators, up to 36kV and 500-4,000 kVA
•    Dry type cast resin transformers, up to 36 kV and 100-10,000 kVA
•    Special transformers up to 4,000 kVA, 36 kV, 20 k A, 24 pulse, 6 phases
•    Compact substations, up to 36 kV and 1600 kVA

Arya Transfo Ghodrat products include
•    Large power plant and network transformers, up to 420 kV and 550 MVA
•    Series/Shunt reactors, up to 420 kV and 100 Mvar
•    Special transformers:
I.    Transformers with 2 and several voltage range
II.    Mobile substation transformers
III.    Furnace and rectifier transformers
IV.    Phase shifting transformers